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JUX-228: Immoral Love Affair – Hamasaki Mao

DVD cover of JUX-228

JUX-228 is a 2013 video from Madonna directed by the brilliant Kitorune Kawaguchi.

Mao hangs up the laundry

Set in a rural village, Hamasaki Mao is a housewife living with her husband Ichiro. The couple grew up together as childhood friends. Ichiro is working on a project to bring life back to the village.

A design for a village mascot

One day, Ichiro's old friend from the city, Oki, shows up. It's not long before he forces himself upon Mao.

Oki takes an unhealthy interest in Mao

In essence, this is a very simple netorare story, but there are some interesting aspects to the video such as a flashback scene featuring a young, bespectacled Mao.

A flashback scene with Mao wearing a school uniform

I cannot review this video without mentioning there is a dinner scene with some very tasty-looking maki and inari sushi.

Plates of sushi on a dinner table

Hamasaki Mao's performance is impeccable as usual, and although overall this is a decent video, it unfortunately doesn't leave much of an impression.

Score: 6/10