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JUX-140: Angelina's Homestay

DVD cover for JUX-140

This is one of the six AVs that star Swedish performer Angelina, who was active in the latter half of 2013. At a purported 34 years of age, Angelina is one of the more mature gaijin performers who have appeared in JAV, and so it makes sense that all her videos are from Madonna.

The story goes that Nobuo's mother announces that a foreigner is going to be staying with them for five days. Nobuo initially is not keen on the idea, but he rapidly changes his mind once he sets eyes on Angelina.

He fantasises about her (resulting in a sex scene that is actually a dream), eventually groping her and even raping her in her sleep! Although Angelina starts to avoid him, eventually Angelina returns Nobuo's affection.

Angelina has a good command of the Japanese language, but unfortunately her performance is almost as wooden as her male co-star.

Still, there's a fun scene in which Angelina encourages Nobuo to join her in the bathroom, as is the custom in Japan, not realising Nobuo's feelings for her. There are also some nice scenes in which they eat together.

In short, although I'm always on the look out for JAVs starring gaijin, this is a forgettable video.

Rating: 4/10