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JUQ-532: Sharing a Room With Two Senior Teachers on a School Trip Inspection

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JUQ-532 DVD cover

JUQ-532 is a 2024 video from director Kitorune Kawaguchi, and is part of studio Madonna's 20th anniversary celebration.

Yuzuru, with Ryō and Nami standing next to him, each holding a suitcase

Yūki Yuzuru stars as a newly qualified teacher, who is organising a school trip. As part of the preparations, he and two colleagues – Ayumi Ryō and Okimiya Nami – will spend the night at the lodgings, doing safety checks and making sure everything's up to scratch. When they arrive, however, they discover that Yuzuru had accidentally only reserved a single room for all three of them. Of course, without any privacy, things get intimate…

Yuzuru, talking on the phone, with Ryō and Nami next to him, ruffling his hair

I loved Ryō and Nami's seductive performances in this video. They constantly force themselves upon the shy Yuzuru, whether it's in the bedroom, when he's bathing, or even when he's just trying to piss.

Yuzuru bathing, with Ryō and Nami next to him, clutching towels

There's a competitive spirit between the two women, which is fun to watch. Ryō is a natural and Nami, who had only debuted six months prior, is a worthy rival and seems completely at ease. The sex scenes are pretty good, albeit a tad repetitive. Yuzuru gets his butthole licked a fair bit, though, which may be offputting for some.

Yuzuru sitting with Ryō and Nami next to him, feeling him up

This is an okay video with good performances, but somewhat lacking in substance.

★★★☆☆ 3/5