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JUQ-034: Role Reversal – Sweaty Reverse Mating Press – Kuriyama Rio

DVD cover of JUQ-034

This is a much-delayed review of JUQ-034, which I originally started writing late last year. However, I got side-tracked and never got round to finishing writing this… until now.

Hayashi streaming a mukbang

The video was released in 2022 and is from studio Madonna and legendary director Masaki Nao.

A sweaty Rio takes out the rubbish

It follows Frankfurt Hayashi (a.k.a. Hayashi Taichi) who plays a mukbang streamer with the hots for his married and very sweaty neighbour, played by Kuriyama Rio.

Rio serves a meal to Hayashi

One day, Hayashi's desires get a bit too much and he ends up raping Rio! Since this is a JAV, she quickly stops resisting and the two become close. So much so that they even fuck whilst Taichi is doing his mukbang streams (leading to some rather confused viewers!).

Rio, her husband and Hayashi about to eat

This is an entertaining video with a reasonable amount of food scenes. It downplays the sweat aspect somewhat, despite it being a key ingredient of the series, but it does have some genuinely funny moments that make me wish the drama sections were longer.

★★★☆☆ 3/5