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JUFE-002: Big Black Cock Hot Spring Creampie – Hoshina Ai

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DVD cover of JUFE-002

JUFE-002 is a 2019 video from studio Fitch's series, Big Black Cock Thrusting Creampie Hot Springs Sex (catchy, right?).

Ai at an onsen with two black guys

Directed by Mishima Rokusaburō, the video stars Hoshina Ai as a newly-wed woman staying at a hot spring with her husband. Although he is gentle and caring, Ai's one complaint is that he is bad in bed.

A sleepy looking Ai

When they arrive at the hot spring, the couple meet two black men – the legend that is Magnum and another guy who wears sunglasses. That is to say, he never takes them off. Not even once. I guess I'll call him Albert.

Ai eats a dumpling

Anyway, Magnum and Albert are a bit bizarre. As soon as they see Ai and her husband, they get very excited and start high-fiving them and shaking their hands. They really behave in an over-the-top way. But that's just the start of their antics.

The young couple greet Magnum and Albert

Ai is happily relaxing in the onsen when Albert walks in. Despite protestations from an embarrassed Ai that it's "ladies' time", Albert enters the pool and starts touching her. Firstly, what a creep. Secondly, how dense is this guy?! He says he doesn't understand Japanese, but it's easy to tell that Ai is flustered by his presence. Albert even starts demanding that Ai teach him Japanese. What a weirdo!

Ai is shocked at the sight of Albert's dick

He proceeds to show Ai how much he loves Japan by jumping up and down, causing his towel to fall, exposing his dick. Ai is shocked at the size of Albert's cock, which is much bigger than her husband's. Albert is unfazed and gets Ai to stroke his dick. Naturally, things progress and they end up fucking.

Ai looks after an unwell Magnum

The next day, Magnum is having a bad stomachache when Ai chances upon him. She helps him to his room, where he suddenly feels right as rain and shows Ai his cock. Again, Ai is amazed by the size of his dick, and so they fuck.

Ai's husband passed out

This kind of set-up repeats a few times in this video, although there was one slightly disturbing scene where Magnum and Albert get Ai's husband drunk so they can fuck her as he is sleeping.


All in all, this is an entertaining video with a wonderful performance from Ai, who is very cute and makes some amusing facial expressions. The duo that is Magnum and Albert are also very fun to watch. It's a little bit repetitive at times, but does capture the onsen theme rather well.

★★★★ 4/5