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French porn site Jacquie et Michel Elite

Something a bit different: A brief review of French porn site Jacquie et Michel Elite.

Screenshot of Jacquie et Michel Elite

The (feature length) films are masterfully produced, with a quality comparable to that of Dorcel's. Interesting stories, lots of attention to detail in set designs, costumes, etc.

Unfortunately, like Dorcel, they use condoms. Also unfortunately, but unlike Dorcel, the films only come in French language – no English subs nor dubs.

Videos are very high quality, most (at least the most recent ones) are available in 4K.

Like most western porn sites, there's no DRM. But there are two membership tiers: streaming, and streaming + download (the latter obviously being more expensive). Even so, it's quite easy to download videos even on the basic subscription, if you know what you're doing (and download links expire after 4 hours). Videos are in MP4 format.

Like most membership sites, videos have a static watermark in the bottom-right corner. It's not ideal, but at least it's relatively small and unobtrusive.

Membership also includes quite a large number of films from other studios, though they don't interest me much.

Important note: there's no proper mechanism to cancel your membership! The billing site – confusingly – has two buttons to cancel your subscription. One doesn't work, and the other simply takes you to the contact form. This is where virtual cards come in handy. I subscribed using a virtual card, and then I deleted the card so any attempts to bill for renewal will be declined.

In conclusion: like most porn sites, the videos themselves are good (excellent in this case, aside from the condoms), but they are let down by the "packaging" (i.e. the website).

Rating: 8/10