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IPZ-350: Now That's What I Call School! Tachibana Harumi [SJC 6/20]

This is a review of a video I watched as part of the Soapy JAV Challenge, in which one must watch 20 JAVs between 15th September and 15th October. This is video 6 of 20.

DVD cover of IPZ-350

IPZ-350 is a 2014 video from studio Idea Pocket's Let's Do It At School series, starring Tachibana Harumi. As noted in my review of Yuzuki Aoi's entry in the series, R18.com mistranslated the title of that video as Now That's What I Call School. Although they translated the title correctly in Harumi's video, the mistranslated title has stuck in my mind, and I shall continue to refer to it with the title of a music compilation album.

Harumi stands in front of a blackboard, smiling at the camera

The video was directed by Usami Tadanori, who for a long time was the only director of this series. As you might expect, this video is rather similar to Aoi's, yet it is different enough to be interesting.

Harumi sits at a table, in a group with her male classmates

As usual, the video is filmed at what I like to call the "colourful school" studio. The walls are painted in vivid colours and plastered with posters featuring random English phrases.

Harumi makes a V sign towards the camera

In my review of Harumi's AV debut, I noted her impressive maths skills. She demonstrates them again in this video, effortlessly solving a maths problem. She also looks extremely beautiful in the assortment of school uniform she wears. I particularly like the braided hair she has in some scenes.

Harumi stands in front of the class

I was impressed by this video's attention to continuity. According to the blackboard in the video, it begins on Thursday 13th September. There is a scene on Monday 17th September, another on Wednesday 19th September, and finally a scene on Friday 21st September. The progression of the dates match the days of the week perfectly.

Harumi outdoors, on a narrow path

However, there is a slight problem in that 13th September was not a Thursday in 2014, nor was it so in 2013. In fact, the nearest year in which this date would have been possible was in 2012, otherwise it could be set in the future, in 2018. Since then, there hasn't been a Thursday 13th September, and there won't be one until 2029.

Shimiken as a PE teacher with a crazed expression, helps Harumi to exercise

I was amused by the scene in which Shimiken portrays a PE teacher who gets a little too hands-on. At one point, he has a particularly crazed expression, leading Harumi to look a little frightened. There is also quite a cool bukkake scene.

One thing I was particularly impressed by was the use of a dolly zoom in one scene. It's not often you see such sophisticated cinematography in a porn video!

A smiling Harumi doing another V sign pose

All in all, although the same could be said for most of the other videos in the series, this is a brilliantly produced video that is entertaining throughout.

★★★★ 4/5