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IPZ-300: First Impression 78 – Tachibana Harumi AV Debut

DVD cover of IPZ-300

IPZ-300 is the 2014 debut video of Tachibana Harumi from studio Idea Pocket.

Idea Pocket has a multitude of iconic series, and Harumi had entries in several, so it makes sense that, after making a few image videos, her first proper AV was part of their First Impression series for debuts.

We first meet Harumi on (having located it on Google Street View) a pedestrian bridge above Shioiri Park in Tokyo's Arakawa ward. In the background is the Shirahige West Pumping Station.

Harumi standing on the pedestrian bridge

A montage of clips set to music shows Harumi relaxing in the park, including one of the most subtle pantyshots ever in a JAV, as well as some of the wildlife there. And then, it's off to the studio.

Harumi sitting in the park

The sex scenes are not particularly special, but they are fun to watch. I especially enjoyed the very first scene where we see close-ups of the guy playing with Harumi's nipples. And at the end, she swallows his cum. It certainly made a good "first impression"!

Harumi lying down with her bum being pinched

One stand-out moment, however, is when Harumi demonstrates her trigonometry skills. It's the sort of thing I personally would struggle with, so if I were wearing a hat, I would take it off to her.

Harumi shows off two whiteboards with trigonometric equations she has written

Debut videos tend not to be particularly interesting, but Idea Pocket did a good job with this one. Whether it's the outdoor scenes, the sex scenes or the maths scene, this video never feels boring.

Score: 7/10