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IPZ-282: Now That's What I Call School! Yuzuki Aoi

Now That's What I Call School!

Once in a while, R18.com will mistranslate a video's title in a way that really cracks me up. This video's title, 「学校でしようよ!」, can be translated in a few ways, such as Let's Do It At School! or Let's Fuck At School!. R18.com, on the other hand, chose to translate it as Now That's What I Call School!, a phrase which barely resembles the original and is about as nonsensical as you can get without reaching for Lewis Carroll's dictionary. It also sounds more like a music compilation album than a porn video. Anyway, on with the review…

DVD cover of IPZ-282

IPZ-282 is a 2013 video starring Yuzuki Aoi. It is part of Idea Pocket's long running series, Let's Do It At School!, which is so popular there is even an online game based on it.

The video is set in an extremely colourful school where all the other students are male. The boys are constantly mucking around, but Aoi seems largely indifferent about being the only girl.

Aoi stands in a particularly colourful classroom with male students messing around behind her

Although there is an overarching storyline in which the pervert protagnist pilfers a pair of panties belonging to Aoi, the video is for the large part comprised of a number of distinct skits, across which Aoi wears a variety of schoolgirl outfits (sukumizu included).

Before all of that, though, are the lovely opening titles, featuring some rather wholesome clips set to an English language song.

The skits are quite varied, and Aoi exhibits different personalities. One moment she plays an innocent schoolgirl, seemingly inexperienced when it comes to sex. The next moment she's a seductress, forcing herself upon a helpless classmate. This variety does help to keep the video interesting.

I particularly enjoyed a scene in which Aoi teases a classmate when she finds his DVD copy of IPTD-442, which featured Kizaki Jessica. I'm not one to complain about this kind of product placement in porn.

Aoi holds out a porn DVD

On that subject, I did notice that Aoi is seen clutching a copy of the 2007 edition of the Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising, which I'm pretty sure was not an intentional advertisement. However, it got me thinking about which class would use it as a textbook, and whether its contents would still be relevant seven years later.

Aoi holds a copy of a book about cruising

The skits are often comedic in nature, and there is even the occasional element of suspense, such as when Aoi is asked to feel around inside a surprise box. What could be inside???

A "surprise box"

Of course, many viewers will be interested in the sex, and there is certainly a great deal of variety in sex scenes; some are quite conventional, but there is also a bukkake scene, a scene in which Aoi is groped whilst asleep, and even one in which a guy sticks his finger down her throat until she gags. This is a rare example of a video where the sex scenes are about as interesting as the rest of the video, and that is something to commend.

A man sticks his finger down Aoi's throat

In conclusion, although school themed JAVs are extremely common, this video really stands out from the rest as one with a huge amount of variety and colour that makes it genuinely entertaining from start to finish.

Score: 8/10