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IPZ-215: The Affair I'm Having With My Girlfriend's Sister – Kishi Aino

DVD cover for IPZ-215

IPZ-215, released in 2013, is the fifth entry in Idea Pocket's The Affair I'm Having With My Girlfriend's Sister series, which follows a similar concept to the arguably more notable Girlfriend's Elder Sister series from Oppai.

The video starts out in a playground, but there are no children in sight. Instead, we are introduced to Watanabe Takuma, who is hanging out with his girlfriend Tomoda Ayaka. They are together with Tamaki Rei and his girlfriend.

The gang, hanging out in a playground

It transpires that final exams are coming up, so they decide to head to Ayaka's home for a sleepover and to study. Ayaka is clearly crazy about Takuma, but he doesn't seem to completely reciprocate. Could he just be shy, or…?

Ayaka snogs Takuma

And so the group sits down at a table, eating crisps, drinking Calpis, and drawing big-boobied monsters. Wait, I thought they were supposed to be studying!

A table, upon which are crisps, glasses of Calpis, and a notebook with a terrifying looking darwing of a naked woman with massive boobs

It is at this point that Ayaka's elder sister, Kishi Aino, makes her entry. Takuma can't take her eyes off her, and it seems Aino can't take her eyes off him!

Aino joins the group

That night, Takuma is thirsty, so he grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge and starts drinking. Aino is also thirsty and heads to the kitchen. She finds Takuma drinking her bottle of water. He hastily returns it to her, and she drinks from it. Indirect kiss!

Aino drinks from the bottle of water that Takuma was previously drinking from

Actually, the whole indirect kiss thing quickly becomes insignificant because Aino then starts snogging Takuma!

Aino snogging Takuma

Takuma finds himself with the obvious conundrum of which girl to choose. Honestly, I'd have trouble choosing too – both women are beautiful. Aino is portrayed as the more obvious choice, but Ayaka has a lot of charm – she and Takuma make quite a cute couple.

Ayaka and Takuma, arm in arm

In fact, despite her not being directly credited on product pages, Ayaka gets her own sex scene in this video. I have to say, there is some pretty good cinematography in this video, and in this sex scene in particular. There are some interesting shots, such as a reflection in a mirror. Although I wonder whether the "Kitty Fire" I see reflected refers to the kaiju or something else.

A reflection in a mirror, showing Ayaka and Takuma snogging, along with an object with the words "Kitty Fire"

This video is produced to very high standards, and although the story is predictable, the end result is captivating. This is certainly helped by the brilliant performances on display. It really feels like the sex scenes complement the story rather than the other way around.

Takuma, sandwiched between Aino and Ayaka

This is one of the best "girlfriend's elder sister" type of video I have watched, and I highly recommend it.

Score: 8/10