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IPZ-005: Cutie Venus – Hoshimi Rika & Nozomi Mayu

DVD cover of IPZ-005

IPZ-005 is a 2012 video from studio Idea Pocket, starring Hoshimi Rika and Nozomi Mayu. Perhaps the title is a reference to the studio's Beauty Venus series, except the focus here is more on cuteness than lewdness.

The video starts with one of the most fun intros I've ever seen in a JAV. It has an incredibly playful style. Rika and Mayu do a wonderful job of acting cute.

Rika and Mayu play Twister

Following this, there are several segments in which the girls do cute things, interspersed with sex scenes. One segment has Rika and Mayu play a game of Twister, another has them cook a meal (which definitely makes me hungry).

The girls cook a meal

I also enjoyed a bit where they dress up in cute frog and lion costumes arm wrestle. Lastly, Rika and Mayu draw on each other's faces. Throughout, the girls are incredibly cute, and this persists even in the sex scenes, which may be some of the cutest sex scenes in existence.

Rika and Mayu arm wrestle whilst wearing cute frog and lion costumes

At over three hours long, this video is certainly not devoid of content. The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was that Rika and Mayu don't wear the outfits from the cover in the video. Otherwise, if you enjoy watching cute girls doing cute things, this is definitely one to check out.

★★★★★ 5/5