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[Guest review] IPX-438: You Missed The Last Train?! It's Okay, Come To My Place! - Momo Sakura

Today's review comes courtesy of Fewdba.

DVD cover of IPX-438

IPX-438 is a 2020.02.13 video from studio Idea Pocket's "I Was So Turned On By Her Loungewear, I Fucked Her All Night" series.

The scene opens with our male protagonist, Oosawa Shinji, preparing to leave for work. His girlfriend, not Sakura Momo, attacking him with a hug from the back, presumably having just woken up, groggy and still dressed in nothing but a hoodie, promises to have a warm dinner waiting for him when he comes back. 😋

Shinji and Momo outdoors at night, wearing office clothes

The next scene shows Shinji at the office during the night of a full moon, bogged down by work. He calls his girlfriend to inform her that he will be running late (quite possibly literally running, as no train or other mode of transportation was shown). Momo Sakura notices her employee struggling and takes the initiative to help him finish his work to completion. And as a reward, she pressures him into joining her for a drink somewhere in front of the train station(!). However, as these things go, Shinji misses the train (and misses dinner) 😞 and Momo invites him back to her place.

Momo relaxes with Shinji as he enjoys a beer

At this point, I didn't feel like there would be many trains or much food in the remainder of this video, so I stopped watching. Instead, I opted to spend the remaining time tracking down the filming location(s). I can with 100% certainty confirm that the video was most likely filmed in East Asia, even quite possibly Japan. 🤔

Didn't Watch/10