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HND-840: My Girlfriend's Little Sister Loves Me So Much So We Secretly Try For A Baby – Matsumoto Ichika

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DVD cover for HND-840

HND-840 is a 2020 video from studio Honnaka. So you already know to expect fake creampies. 😒

This is part of their series My Girlfriend's Little Sister Loves Me So Much So We Secretly Try For A Baby. Despite the verbosity of the title, it conveys the general premise rather well.

The star of this video is none other than Matsumoto Ichika. Despite extolling her virtues for almost a year, I had yet to actually watch one of her videos. Shameful, I know.

The video is filmed from a point-of-view perspective with a silent protagonist. You know what that means: jazz hands (yes, they're a thing). It also means that the protagonist's unvoiced lines are displayed as subtitles.

We start by being introduced to 'your' (that is, the protagonist's) girlfriend, played by an uncredited performer [edit: thanks to a JDC member who pointed out she's Arima Hikari, also known as Kitami Yumi]. She's cute and loving, though seems to have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. On her left thumb is a plaster (or a "band-aid" as the Americans call it). It makes me wonder how the injury came about. Did she cut herself cooking? Did it happen at work? Sadly, the video offers no explanation, leaving the viewer to wonder.

You chat with your girlfriend, who has a glass of wine

Just as you are about to get intimate with your girlfriend, her younger sister Ichika walks in. She seems to take an unusual interest in you…

I always feel that, despite Ichika looking really cute, she has the aura of a succubus. She may seem sweet and innocent at first, but she is insatiable and isn't afraid to exert control over men to get what she wants. Not unlike the title character from Vladimir Nabokov's masterpiece, Lolita, in fact. We certainly see a lot of that sort of behaviour in this video.

That night (as indicated by some rather scary animal sounds), the three of you sit around the kotatsu where a delicious meal of sausages and bacon has been prepared.

Ichika does her homework at the kotatsu

Ichika appears to do her homework (may I remark how delicious her egg-themed pencilcase looks, and how blocky her textbook looks) but, hidden from your girlfriend's view, she pulls out your dick and first gives you a handjob, then a blowjob.

The meal seemingly goes uneaten, which is a horrible waste of good food!

On (presumably) another evening, the three of you are having a delicious looking noodle dish at the dining table. However, we see how wicked Ichika can be, for she encourages her sister to drink a lot of wine, so much so that once they've finished eating (though we don't actually see any food enter anyone's mouth), the elder sister falls asleep at the dining table. Ichika takes this opportunity to fuck you, resulting in the first creampie of the video.

You sit down for dinner with Ichika and her sister – kanpai!

This repeats itself a few times: you fuck and creampie Ichika behind your girlfriend's back, and a lot of food goes to waste. There is one scene in which Ichika teases you by licking a sausage, which is quite sexy, but alas she takes only a single bite of said sausage.

Did I say this video is filmed from a point-of-view perspective with a silent protagonist? There is one bizarre scene in which the video suddenly switches to a third-person perspective, and the protagonist actually talks to his girlfriend as Ichika sucks his dick under the duvet. Imagine if in the video game Portal, the camera suddenly focused on Chell and she started talking. It feels really, really weird.

A third-person shot of the protagonist talking with his girlfriend

In the video's climax, the protagonist and his girlfriend actually get to fuck, albeit off-camera. I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed we don't get to see the action. Ichika listens at the door, clearly jealous, and heads to her room to masturbate. However, she is unsatisfied, and when your girlfriend is asleep, she sneaks into your room to make love with you.

You can already imagine how this goes, but what makes this video quite interesting is that the girlfriend doesn't simply wake up and catch you in the act. Ichika deliberately wakes her up and accuses you of raping her. Such a troublemaker!

One interesting touch I noticed about this particular scene is that there is a framed poster for 1960's Hartevelt Citroen gin in your girlfriend's room. It helps to develop your girlfriend's character; she is not merely an alcoholic, but she does have an appreciation for the history of alcohol and the artwork used to advertise it.

A naked and frightened-looking Ichika clings onto her sister

The general premise of this video may not be original, but it adds enough interesting new material to keep it fresh. The cinematography was average, if not a little disjointed in places. Although I didn't think much of the sex scenes (I rarely do), I did enjoy Ichika and her sister's performances. What I really cannot forgive, however, is the food wastage. Ichika and her sister only had a few bites of food between them. When so much delicious looking food is on display, this is truly unacceptable.

Score: 5/10