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HITMA-282: Massive Orgy With Actresses Who Love TMA Cosplay

BD cover of HITMA-282

In the decade leading up to the 2016 release of HITMA-282 (also known as 24ID-020 for the DVD version), cosplay JAV was essentially synonymous with one studio – TMA. They've created cosplay videos based on The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Laid-Back Camp, A Certain Magical Index, Clannad, Senran Kagura, Momoiro Clover Z, Higurashi When They Cry, Prison School, Final Fantasy, KonoSuba, How to Hypnotise Your Sister and Fate/Grand Order. And those are just the videos I've reviewed!

Gorō wearing weird spiral goggles stands in front of the cosplayers

Furthermore, if there is any single person who is most associated with cosplay JAV, it has to be Narusawa Kenichi a.k.a. Gorō who starred in an immense number of TMA videos and is the subject of a meme about all the waifus he's fucked. It's therefore only fitting that Gorō should be the host of this Mohikaru-directed video, which is a celebration of the studio's long history of making cosplay JAVs.

The women play musical chairs

It was one of the last videos TMA made featuring a large cast, with a whopping 10 actresses: Shinomiya Yuri, Abeno Miku, Kasai Ami, Shinjō Nozomi, Aizawa Ruru, Satō Mitsu, Miori Mai, Sakura Kokoru (who was uncredited on FANZA for some reason), Sakuraba Urea and Ōmi Haruka.

The cosplayers compete by running on treadmills

The video starts in an outdoor patio area where Gorō, sporting a particularly fetching pair of goggles, introduces us to the actresses who are each cosplaying as a character. In particular, I'm rather fond of Miku's Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, Ami's Meiko from Prison School, Ruru's Hestia from DanMachi, Mai's Rei from Evangelion and Kokoru's Rikka from Chūnibyō. The girls pose in front of a group of photographers who are quick to slide under their skirts to take some sneaky snaps. We are treated to some rather lewd shots.

The participants prepare to play dodgeball

The group head indoors and the girls start playing musical chairs. The losers each have to suck a guy's dick. But eventually all the girls start joining in the fun. Another challenge involves the girls (now wearing PE kits) compete on running and cycling machines with punishment for losing being having sex with a guy.

The dodgeball match

The last part of the video involves a dodgeball match between the men and the women, which is an exciting watch. This is followed by a massive orgy, and Gorō joins in too. Eventually, Gorō tells the other guys to clear off and he gets all 10 women to himself. What a lucky guy.

Gorō's orgy of cosplayers

This video could well be my favourite cosplay JAV that isn't a drama. As mentioned, it has a large cast with some great talent. The costumes are pretty good. Gorō as the host makes it extra fun. And there's plenty of non-sex content. I just wish they still made videos like this.

★★★★★ 5/5