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HITMA-163: Momoero Clover Z

BD cover of HITMA-163

Like the subject of a previous review, HITMA-163 (also released under the code AKB-043) is part of TMA's Heroine Rape series. Released in 2012, it is a parody of popular idol group Momoiro Clover Z. Indeed, the video's cover is heavily inspired by the cover image of their single "Z Densetsu".

CD cover of Momoiro Clover Z's single "Z Densetsu"

There is a scene for each of the five members of the group. Admittedly, I'm not massively familiar with Momoiro Clover Z, but I can tell that TMA have paid close attention to the personalities of each of the group's members and tried to capture their personalities. This is evident in the first scene, starring Matsushita Hikari in place of Ariyasu Momoka. Momoka has a well known fear for the "mystery box" game, and this scene recreates just that. Hikari cowers in fear at the sight of a simple plate of noodles.

Hikari as Momoka

The next scene features Miyaji Yurika in place of Takagi Reni. She seemingly teaches a class about concepts like telepathy and aliens. Her students, all of whom seem too old to be attending school, don't take her class seriously and instead rape her.

Yurika as Reni

Next up is Aiuchi Nozomi in place of Tamai Shiori. Shiori is well known for having an insatiable appetite and is rarely seen without food in her mouth. Truly a woman after my own heart, then. Naturally, this had to be a food themed scene. Nozomi is challenged to see how much she can eat. She wolves down four bowls of soba noodles, then devours two plates of curry rice. Yet despite this, Nozomi complains she's still hungry. Annoyed that Nozomi isn't satisfied unless she has something in her mouth, the host decides to plug her gob…

Nozomi as Shiori

Continuing with the food theme, Tsubomi portrays Sasaki Ayaka, wearing a rather fetching cake-themed outfit. She tucks into a bowl of profiteroles before being raped by Goro and someone in a dog costume. Kinda random.

Tsubomi as Ayaka

Completing the group is Shinohara An as Momota Kanako in the least interesting scene of the video, in which she sits and talks in front of her laptop. And has sex, of course.

An as Kanako

To wrap up the video, we have a group scene starring Yurika, Nozomi and An. They tuck into a variety of food before they are all raped.

Yurika, Nozomi and An eating

All in all, this is a decent video. Fans of Momoiro Clover Z will surely appreciate the attention to detail in portraying the personalities of the group's members. Otherwise, although production values are not too high, one can certainly enjoy the numerous segments of the performers eating.

Score: 7/10

Note: As with other entries in the Heroine Rape series, this video was delisted from R18.com. It is, however, available from FANZA.