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GRO-001: Goro's One Man Cosplay Festival – Konishi Marie

DVD cover for GRO-001

I struggle to find the words to describe this video. It is the directorial debut of my favourite male AV actor, Narusawa Kenichi (a.k.a. Goro). It also stars one of my favourite performers, Konishi Marie. And it is a cosplay video, which I usually love. Touhou Project cosplay, too!

However, this video is actually boring and tedious. Much of it is filmed by Goro himself with a handheld camera whilst he fucks, so the quality suffers.

There is a short intro where Goro meets Marie outside, before they enter the studio and go through some paperwork. Marie picks out her costume and so begins the fucking. Nothing particularly noteworthy.

For the second scene, Goro is joined by another male performer. This helps a little bit since Goro can concentrate more on filming, but it's still rather tedious.

I don't think this video offers much opportunity for Goro to show of any directorial talents he may have, since he has three jobs simultaneously. As it is, it's not really one I can get enthused about or recommend.

Rating: 3/10