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GRCH-302: Fantasy/story

Cover of GRCH-302

GRCH-302 is a 2019 video from Girl's CH, a studio that specialises in videos intended for women, starring ikemen (handsome guys). That's right – all of you complaining that all the AV actors are ugly are simply watching the wrong videos!

Hirōmi as the prince, chained up in prison

The star of this video is none other than Nagase Hirōmi, an accomplished stage performer originally from Fujian province (he's half-Chinese). In 2012, he starred in a stage adaptation of hit TV anime Code Geass as the main character, Lelouch. Seven years later, he entered the AV industry. This video is actually comprised of two distinct fantasy themed stories, both starring Hirōmi but in different roles.

Yui as the queen, smiling sinisterly

The first tale has Hirōmi in the role of a gallant prince who has been captured and imprisoned by an evil queen played by Kawagoe Yui.

The queen torments the helpless prince

Hirōmi does a great job of portraying the helpless yet dignified victim who is turned into Yui's sex slave and plaything. Yui comes across as elegant and refined, yet cruel and heartless. Eventually, Hirōmi succumbs to Yui's spell and the two make passionate love.

The prince and queen lie in bed together

The second story is quite different, for Hirōmi is now a selfish, wine obsessed count who harasses his obedient maid played by Kiriyama Yūha. Despite this unhealthy relationship, they gradually fall in love with each other.

Yūha as the maid looks solemn as Hirōmi's count sips a glass of wine

Hirōmi is again a terrific performer and expertly conveys this darker personality. Yūha also does a great job of playing the shy, subservient servant.

The count inserts his forefinger into his maid's mouth

There are a couple of moments of particular interest. At one point, Yūha drinks some soup. Sadly, the camera angle is such that we never see the soup itself. It is a shame, as I am curious as to what kind of soup she is consuming.

The maid prepares to drink some soup

Furthermore, I was surprised by a scene in which Hirōmi reads a copy of the apparently 18th century French text Explication des Épîtres de Saint Paul by theologian Bernadine a Piconio. It raises all kinds of questions.

A close-up of an ancient book written in French

I have to say, although upon close inspection, the video appears to have been filmed in a standard dungeon set like countless other JAVs, the set dressing and lighting in both stories helps to create a gothic atmosphere that works very well here. The stylish costumes also feel right at home.

The maid pours a cup of tea for the count

At the end of the video is a brief behind-the-scenes segment. I wouldn't say there's anything massively enlightening here, but it is nice to see the cast and crew having fun on set.

The prince and the queen laughing behind the scenes

This is a well produced costume drama with interesting characters. Although this is a video designed for women, it can certainly be enjoyed by men too!

Score: 8/10