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FE-630: Try With Home Teacher

DVD cover of FE-630

FE-630 (also released as FEDV-252), was released by Shy Planning in 2002. It stars one of my favourite male actors Narusawa Kenichi (a.k.a. Goro) in one of his earliest performances. His co-stars are Mizuno Ai, Sakurai Sayaka and Mio.

Kenichi studying with his girlfriend

In this video, Kenichi is a student preparing for the highly competitive civil service exam. His girlfriend tries to help him, but they succumb to temptation and end up fucking instead.

Kenichi and a private tutor

Kenichi hits upon the idea of hiring a private tutor. Despite two attempts, each time he ends up fucking the beautiful female tutor.

Kenichi and another private tutor

There are few amusing moments in this incredibly dull and mediocre video, which offers very little value and is certainly not deserving of its four sequels. What's worse is that the version available on R18.com and FANZA has audio issues, making the video difficult to listen to.

A still in which the camera is pressed into Kenichi's face for some reason

Score: 2/10