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FC2-PPV-380861: Cosblend K 06

DVD cover of Cosblend K 06

Cosblend K 06 is a 2015 video from dōjin studio Cosblend. The video stars one of my favourite foreign performers, Amelia Earhart, who cosplays as Hoshii Miki from The iDOLM@STER.

Amelia waves at the camera

This is a very bare-bones video, which starts with Amelia very briefly saying hi to the camera, before a man dressed as Kagamine Len walks behind her and starts feeling her up. This, naturally, progresses to sex. And that's basically all there is to the video.

Len gropes Amelia from behind

To some extent, I can forgive the no-frills nature of this video as it is essentially a hobby work. However, it would have been nice were it filmed on a more interesting set than the very plain room with very plain walls we see here.

Len fucks an off-camera Amelia

As there doesn't seem to be a camera operator, the scene is captured from fixed angles which don't always do a good job of capturing the action. There are a few occasions when Amelia is essentially off-camera or obscured.

An overhead shot shows Len fucking Amelia (who is largely obscured beneath Len's body)

Even as an Amelia fan, I find it difficult to recommend this video. There are far better ones out there.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5