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EBOD-302: SSS-BODY World's Largest Deep Impact – Hitomi

DVD cover of EBOD-302

EBOD-302 is a 2013 video starring Hitomi. It was directed by Minami★Haō for studio E-BODY's series SSS-BODY in collaboration with Moodyz.

Taku grabs Hitomi's boobs from behind

The video starts with Hitomi kneeling on a table, in her underwear. She rubs her breasts and panties before a pair of male hands emerge behind her and grab her massive tits. Those hands belong to Yoshimura Taku, and it's not long before he puts his world-famous tongue to good use, licking Hitomi all over her body. They fuck, and he cums over her breasts.

Taku sticks his tongue out at Hitomi

It's a sensual, albeit somewhat ordinary, scene. And the same can be said for the rest of the sex scenes in this video. There's a scene that takes place in a shower (I have to say, seeing Hitomi from behind with her boobs extending out from her body is an interesting sight), one on a sofa in a weird industrial-looking room, and one on a bed.

Hitomi from behind, her breasts protruding

Each sex scene has a bit of build-up during which the cinematography is at its best. There is one solo scene where Hitomi masturbates in a bathtub as lotion is poured on her.

Hitomi looking down at her big tits

Though from this scene, via a ripple transition, we are taken to a hardcore scene on another bed, this one more lavish. Are we to believe this is some sort of daydream or perhaps a memory? Who knows… That aside, there isn't any semblance of a plot here.

Hitomi caresses a man's face

This is an enjoyable video, and Hitomi is a great performer. It doesn't do anything particularly exceptional, but I can't really criticise it either. There are better Hitomi videos, but if you're a fan of her, it is worth watching.

★★★☆☆ 3/5