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DV-730: Anicos Japan – Mihiro

DVD cover of DV-730

This 2007 video from Alice Japan stars one of my all time favourite performers, Mihiro, cosplaying four characters from anime that were popular at the time. Mihiro is no stranger to cosplay, and she takes on each role flawlessly.

We start off with Sonozaki Mion – or is it her twin sister Shion? – from Higurashi When They Cry, which is one of my favourite pieces of media. Shmion masturbates in a bathroom and, despite the simple camerawork, is a captivating scene to watch, especially as the exhilarating crescendo approaches. I especially liked the touch of humour that was added at the end.

But that's only just the start. Next, we are treated to a seven minute drama section (some of which you can watch below), which re-enacts the scene from Watanagashi-hen in which Keiichi meets Shion(?) for the first time as a waitress at family restaurant AngelMote. And yes, it has that scene in which Keiichi attempts to save Shion from a group of customers harassing her; 'attempts' naturally being the operative word here. Even so, in a change to the original story, Keiichi gets with his friend's sister, and sex ensues.

The next two sections feature Suzumiya Haruhi from, obviously, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, and Saber from Fate/stay night. In both cases, there is a few minutes of drama followed by a sex scene. The classroom in the Haruhi scene made for an interesting setting. The Saber scene has her meeting Shirou for the first time at his home, which is a far less interesting setting. Even so, both sex scenes are captivating.

The final scene features Yumemiya Arika from My-Otome. Admittedly, I have never seen that series, which leaves me confused as to what is going on here. Unlike the previous scenes, the drama and sex scenes are blended together, with the cameraman participating, giving this scene a gonzo-like quality. It is full of wonderful teasing, before gradually moving on to penetrative sex.

This video feels somewhat lower budget than TMA's parodies, and the costumes can look a little cheap. Shmion's hair in particular doesn't look like the correct shade of green. The way they superimpose "AngelMote" onto the building exterior also gives a rushed look. But there is a lot of variety with four different cosplays, and I appreciate the effort put into the drama skits, which are relatively rare in cosplay JAVs.

In conclusion, there is clear room for improvement with this video. However, Mihiro's performance is top-notch as usual, and it is the only JAV to adapt part of Watanagashi-hen, so I really can't complain.

Rating: 8/10

Note: This video was also released as a rental with the code NDV-0445.