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Western review: Deep Analysis (2022, TeamSkeet)

Poster of Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis is a 2022 film from studio TeamSkeet. Written and produced by Lex Severed and Anton Levy, it was directed by Wrex Oliver, who also served as director of photography.

Coco rolls her eyes

The film is about two families: the Von Skeets and the Badcoxxes. Penelope (Penny Barber) and Jack Von Skeet (Jack Vegas) are renowned psychologists and have a daughter Theodora (Theodora Day) and a son Tyler (Tyler Cruise). Calvin Badcoxx (Calvin Hardy) and his somewhat unhinged wife Aaliyah (Aaliyah Love) (who believes he is cheating on her) also have a daughter and son: the constantly eye-rolling Coco (Coco Lovelock) and Josh (Joshua Lewis).

Theodora and Tyler talk intimately

The younger members of the two families are friends and, towards the start of the film, Theodora and Tyler make a bet, in what is quite an intense scene, on which one of them can bed Coco first, a plot that feels reminiscent of Sixteen Candles. They eventually have an orgy, and things escalate when a video of the escapade emerges, apparently filmed by the Von Skeet family's creepy butler (Jay Crew) because of course the butler did it. This brings the parents of the two families together, and they end up having a good ol' rompfest.

The younger members of the two families covering themselves up after their orgy is discovered by the butler

By the way, I originally thought that given the film's title is Deep Analysis, it would be anal-themed. However, there is no anal content whatsoever.

Coco and Theodora kiss as their parents watch

I enjoyed the film's plot, and it has some rather amusing moments such as when Josh cums in Theodora's pussy but the semen drips down onto his sister Coco's face, which really pisses her off. She does have a red eye for the rest of the scene, which looks somewhat less fun. Similarly, there's a bit where Josh is fucking Penelope but his dick keeps slipping out whacking his mum Aaliyah in the face. Aaliyah's face also gets repeatedly hit by her son's balls, which causes her to scream.

Tyler and Josh snog each other's mother

I was intrigued by how Penny Barber walks up stairs in her high heels. Whereas Aaliyah walks with the heels making contact with each step, Penny's heels hang off the edge of the steps. I had never seen anyone walk up stairs like that before. It blew my mind.

Penny walking up steps with heels hanging off the edge

One peculiar aspect of this film is that there are points where the framerate slows down for no discernable reason. It seems entirely intentional as it is accompanied by a sound effect, but it is incredibly distracting.

The film ends with a masquerade, in which both families join together and dance in a rather entrancing scene that gives off Eyes Wide Shut vibes.

A masquerade

There actually exists three versions of this film. The standard version has a runtime of 139 minutes and is available in 4K but with a studio watermark. There is also a 64 minute version that omits the sex scenes and all explicit nudity. This version is actually pretty cool because it doesn't simply cut footage out of the standard version but also includes some exclusive shots. It's only available in 720p, but is free to watch on the film's official website and is free from watermarks. The fact that there's over an hour of non-sex content for this version to be possible is impressive in and of itself.

Josh and Coco snuggle up to each other

More recently came the extended release, which has a runtime of 230 minutes features extended cuts of each of the sex scenes. This also doesn't contain watermarks and is available in 1080p this time. There are some quirks to this version, however. It has a different title sequence to the other versions and omits the end credits. It also messes up the order of the scenes, so the story no longer makes sense. Below is a summary of the three versions:

Version Runtime Resolution Watermark?
Standard 139 mins 3840×2160 Yes
Soft 64 mins 1280×720 No
Extended 230 mins 1440×1080 No

I based this review on the extended version, which is the one I would recommend despite its problems, simply due to it having the most content. I did, however, also skim through the other versions.

All in all, despite being a bit rough around the edges, Deep Analysis is an entertaining flick with some impassioned performances.

★★★★ 4/5