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DDK-127: Sex-Starved Nympho – Hamasaki Mao

DVD cover of DDK-127

The kings of the world have committed fornication with her; all the dwellers on earth have been drunk with the wine of her dalliance.
Book of Revelation 17:2

This 2016 video from Dogma stars Hamasaki Mao as an imprisoned, cock-hungry nympho. Locked in a cell, she is kept under watchful eye from a team of scientists in white coats (fans of Bokkiy will be pleased to hear he plays one of them).

From the earliest scenes, we see Mao's animalistic performance, writhing on the floor, saliva dripping from her mouth, bringing to mind a feral creature. The scientists poke a dildo through the bars of the cell like a zookeeper might feed a tiger; Mao snatches it and lovingly caresses it before using it with immense pleasure.

Mao, however, is a cunning being, and pretends to be a helpless woman to trick men into letting down their guards so she can overpower them and enjoy their cocks. So doing, she escapes her confines and is unleashed upon the outside world. I must applaud Mao's ability to switch between the two personalities in such a natural way.

One of the highlights of the video is the famous scene in which Mao grabs a kitchen knife and uses it to threaten her prey into submission. She really looks deranged.

The video has an interesting premise, and Mao's performance is top-notch. It is therefore a shame that the camerawork and other cinematographic aspects are quite basic. They're not bad in any particular way, but rather lacking. Even so, I highly recommend checking out this video for Mao's performance alone.

Rating: 7/10