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Guest western website review: Cumpsters

This review in bullet points:

1. Not cheap! 80 dollars/3 months is the cheapest/shortest option
2. Pirates beware! XviD Autograph is implemented
3. 32 scenes released so far, new one every Friday
4. Website still under construction, some useful features are still missing
5. Fast streaming, fast downloads, up to 4K (no DL quotas, no VIP-walls)
6. Cumpsters doesn't know how to make creampie gangbangs look good
6a. Most girls look... skanky
6b. Most guys can't cum a lot
6c. The fuck bench
6d. Annoying sounds
6e. Dirty set
7. Conclusion: Will I resub? (short: no)

1. For those of you willing to part with 80 of your hard-earned USD (that's the cheapest/shortest option available, for a 3-month subscription), Cumpsters has recently opened registrations for everyone. Up until recently, it was only available as a free perk for VIP-tier subscribers of GloryHoleSecrets, but now you can subscribe straight to Cumpsters, completely sidestepping GHS. Apparently, Cumpsters was created as a response to a lot of complaints, by GHS subscribers, whenever a GHS scene featured any creampies. I would've assumed that the occasional creampie in a gloryhole scene is not that big of a deal (in fact, I'd consider it a cheeky bonus), but what do I know. Plus I'm biased since I prefer creampies anyway. Clearly people who sub to GHS want to see women do nothing other than suck cock and swallow cum.

2. Before we continue with the review, I believe it is necessary to warn anyone who might feel like subscribing with the intention to share any of that content: Cumpsters uses XviD Autograph DRM. For those of you who've never heard of it, it's a non-intrusive type of DRM that allows the copyright holder to identify who leaked any file. Additionally, the GHS/Cumpsters owner has a reputation for always keeping an eye out for leaks, so I wouldn't recommend doing it.

3. Now, on to the review itself... In terms of content, 32 scenes have been released so far, and a new scene is added almost every Friday, although some weeks have been skipped in the past. The average duration is just under 30 minutes, with outliers as long as 66 minutes and as short as 13 minutes. The content is pretty simple: Girls getting fucked and inseminated by a bunch of guys, although a few of them end up blowing their load in the girl's mouth. Most of these gangbangs take place either on a bed, or a special contraption called "the fuck bench", more on that later.

4. The website itself is still under construction and will occasionally throw you some curveballs. For example, clicking on the VIDEOS option on the top-right menu leads to a blank page. The tag system, although it exists, is practically unutilized. Out of 32 scenes released so far, only 2 of them are tagged at all. Clicking on any of the tags also takes you to an empty page. The thing that annoys me the most, however, seems to be by design: No performer is ever credited (I know it's by design because GHS performers aren't credited either).

5. For as much as the frontend is a bit of a mess, the backend is rock-solid, with fast streaming speeds and even faster download speeds, which really helps with those 4K files. I haven't tried to rip the entire website yet, so I don't know for sure if any DL quotas have been implemented, but while downloading the few files I did, I didn't get any warnings that I'm nearing some sort of "daily quota", so I will tentatively assume there are no quotas. There are also no signs of scenes that are only available to a higher tier of subscription, which is good.

6. "But how good is the content?", I hear you ask. Well... this is where it gets a bit rough. I should preface the criticism that is about to follow by saying the following two things: 1. No, I'm not one of those weebs who believe that JAV is better than western porn in everything, and 2. despite (1.), I believe that Knights-Visual has perfected the recipe of a creampie gangbang, and I will compare any other creampie gangbang to that golden standard.

6a. There is no easy way of saying this... many of the girls look skanky. I understand that convincing top-tier-looking western girls who are acutely aware of their perceived worth to do a creampie gangbang is a tough ask, and I also understand that purely from a business perspective, the guy who runs Cumpsters would be silly to turn down any girl who is willing to work for him, but the end result is usually... not good enough for my taste, to put it mildly. I'm sorry, ladies.

6b. This one might sound a bit weird, but I don't care. Most of the guys that are hired by Cumpsters can't even cum a decent load. It is so bad, I find myself wondering if they nut at all, or if they're just pretending for the camera. I understand that not everyone can be a cum hose on demand and that everyone has their off days, but in Cumpsters scenes it happens at an unacceptable rate. If you're shooting a creampie gangbang, you've gotta find guys who are at least usually able to shoot a nice thick load. Half the point of a creampie scene is the visual aftermath. I don't know what the solution is; tell them to abstain for a week until the day of the filming, tell them to take zinc pills, have them all cum in a volumetric beaker and only hire those who can cum the most, do something.

6c. This point is also controversial, because it seems to have many fans. It's the fuck bench. I said we were gonna talk about it, and here we are. Many scenes involve that contraption, which, as its name suggests, is a bench that is optimized for fucking - it has leg rests and everything, the girl doesn't have to move a muscle. And therein lies the problem. Those who designed the fuck bench spent so much time thinking if they could, they didn't spend any time thinking if they should. A scene where the girl doesn't have to move at all is a scene that severely lacks in both variety and eroticism. This is where I'll refer to the Knights-Visual creampie gangbangs that I mentioned earlier. Over there, the girl is free to "choose her next adventure", whether it'll be riding a bunch of guys lying on a towel on the floor, bending over and getting fucked against the wall, riding a guy sitting on a couch, or laying on a bed getting fucked good ol' missionary or doggy style. Most of these positions help with the cum to drip out, too. Cumpsters could've been hitting two birds with one stone. Instead they opt for this thing that turns creampie gangbangs to an almost industrial process, robbed of most of the fun.

6d. Almost every scene has that one distracting sound in the background. I don't know if it's the doorbell, some guy's phone notification sound or something else altogether, but it never fails to go off at least every five minutes and it's actually annoying. I don't know why they can't film these gangbangs in a location that has less auditory distractions, but it can't be that difficult to figure it out.

6e. I only noticed this in one of the scenes I watched, but it grossed me out so much, it deserves its own separate mention. Some guys' feet are dirty, and it gets caught on camera, and it's disgusting. It can't be that difficult to keep the floor clean. Or to keep the guys' feet off-frame. Or both if I'm honest, but specifically do the cleaning part. It's basic human decency.

7. In conclusion... Will I resub after three months? To be honest, from what I've seen so far it's very unlikely. Unless this review somehow reaches the owner and it somehow convinces him to do better (on that note, feel free to repost this review anywhere you want), or if he has some sort of divine epiphany moment that makes him produce better creampie gangbang movies, I don't see myself enjoying Cumpsters enough to warrant a resub. Maybe I'm just the weird guy who likes Knights-Visual too much, and Cumpsters appeals better to the average western creampie gangbang enjoyer. Maybe not. In any case, I've said my piece, and hopefully it has helped you make your own decision as to whether Cumpsters deserves at least 80 USD of your money or not.