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CSCT-013: Dildo Man

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DVD cover of CSCT-013

Dildo Man is a 2023 cosplay JAV from studio COSCRAFT, and is a parody of the hit manga series Chainsaw Man.

Being unfamiliar with the source material, I decided to watch the recent TV anime adaptation. To be honest, I was expecting yet another generic series where an obnoxious protagonist just goes around slaying demons/eotena/whatever. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the series actually has a cast of very interesting characters with an engaging storyline that goes beyond just killing monsters.

Denji leads his pet dog-devil up a flight of stairs

I was therefore looking forward to watching this JAV parody. The cosplay parody genre was at its greatest in the late 2000s, but recent releases have been largely mediocre. I was curious to see how this release would fare.

The general premise of Chainsaw Man is that, in a world ravaged by devils, the protagonist Denji befriends an unusually friendly devil who is half-dog/half-chainsaw, who gives him his powers. And so, Denji gains the ability to sprout chainsaws from his head and limbs and uses them to fight devils.

Denji relaxes with his canine friend

Dildo Man does a pretty good job of conveying the story. Unlike some other recent cosplay JAVs, it's not simply a series of sex scenes with different characters. You do get dramatic sequences between the sex scenes. In this video, however, Denji befriends a dildo devil, portrayed by the one and only Narusawa Kenichi (a.k.a. Goro). His performance as the canine character is very impressive, albeit somewhat disturbing.

Denji in dildo mode fights against assailants

When Denji pulls the cord from his chest, rather than chainsaws, dildos sprout from his body. This is one aspect that is very unconvincing, since it is clear that the actor is simply holding onto a pair of dildos with his hands.

Makima, holding a cherry

The video also stars Ozaki Erika as the mysterious and seductive Makima, who heads up the Public Safety Division of devil hunters, and also Nagisa Mitsuki as the excitable but friendly devil, Power. They both do a great job of capturing the two characters' quirky personalities.

Power, looking maniacally at her cum-covered hands

Completing the trio is Marui Moeka. She plays a character called Reze, who hasn't yet been introduced in the anime, so I'm not familiar with her, but Moeka certainly leaves an impression as a mysterious maths teacher who imparts the secrets of the equation: 1+1=2.

Reze, demonstrating basic mathematics

In short, this is a pretty good parody of Chainsaw Man, helped by the fact that the source material already contains a fair amount of sexual content. The lack of an adaptation of the opening is disappointing, especially since this has been so expertly achieved by fans, but it can perhaps be forgiven due to the legal and cost implications. Some of the props and sets look a bit cheap, but the female characters' costumes look good, and I appreciate the efforts made to convey the story of the source material. And of course, Goro's appearance as the dildo dog-devil just makes it that little bit better.

★★★★ 4/5