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CS-1027: Sperm Injection Into The Mouth – Terashima Koharu

DVD cover of CS-1027

CS-1027 is one of the weirdest JAVs I have ever watched. It was released in 2003 by Arena Entertainment and stars Terashima Koharu. Judging by the cover, you might think this would be just a generic, run-of-the-mill video. But you know what they say: don't judge a JAV by its cover!

An illustration from the video of Koharu

The video starts with brief scenes of Koharu, dressed as a schoolgirl, at an aquarium and playing Whac-A-Mole. This is already quite unusual, but we've seen nothing yet.

Koharu plays Whac-A-Mole

A strange man appears with a stuffed toy sporting a dildo. Thus ensues a threesome like no other.

The man and toy prepare to play with Koharu

Out in the streets, an even stranger man is hacking up garden gnomes. What did they ever do to him?!

A garden gnome getting sliced with a sword

Managing to escape the man with the stuffed toy, Koharu takes to the streets, sword in hand (the police will thank you for not doing this), to defeat the gnome killer.

Koharu runs through the streets, brandishing a sword

A whole bunch of other things happen that I can't make heads nor tails of. Honestly, the whole video feels like some bizarre student film that just enacted whatever surreal ideas the director had. The camerawork is lively – too lively – it rarely stays still. Be warned that it may well give you a headache.

Koharu reaches for her sword

There are some very rudimentary special effects, some more effective than others. You almost wonder if they deliberately made it look bad.

Squiggly lines are drawn on the screen, intended to be some kind of special effect

One of my favourite scenes is, naturally, one in which Koharu eats cake. It was a little too brief for my preference, but it was appreciated nonetheless.

Koharu eats cake

I also liked a bit in which Koharu sings a song. It didn't make sense as part of the story, but then the story doesn't make sense anyway.

A warning to those considering, as I did, purchasing the video digitally from R18.com/FANZA: unfortunately the outer edges of the video are cropped out, which is a shame, but if it weren't for parts of the on-screen captions being cut off, I woudn't have noticed.

Koharu thumbs her nose

All in all, this is one of the most unique JAVs ever made. But is it any good? Honestly, some aspects are quite atrocious. However, it scores points for being very memorable.

Score: 6/10