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COSQ-006: Secros Frontier – Saotome Love

DVD cover of COSQ-006

COSQ-006 is a 2012 video from cosplay specialist CMP. Starring the brilliant Saotome Love, this is the second of two videos from CMP based on characters from the TV anime Macross Frontier.

Saotome Love in cosplay

In this video, Love portrays aspiring idol singer Ranka Lee. She does a decent job at capturing Ranka's personality, but alas the costume in the first couple of scenes is not quite up to scratch. The costume comes across as rather low quality, which I can overlook, but the main problem is with the wig. The wig's light green colour is simply too light to make for a convincing Ranka. Furthermore, the eyebrows just don't look right and are distracting.

Love cosplaying as Ranka Lee

Before each sex scene is a short drama skit and some gravure shots. The first drama skit was quite amusing, with Ranka demonstrating her magic abilities, including conjuring none other than Narusawa Kenichi who is presumably dressed as the coincidentally named Saotome Alto – Ranka's love interest. The two dance together, which is both adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Ranka dances with Alto

It's clear that very little effort was put into the setting, as it is a very generic studio with no furnishings to make it fit the Macross theme. In some scenes, the backgrounds are overexposed, which is fair enough since it's not the most interesting to look at anyway.

Love cosplaying as Ranka against a plain background

The video ends with Ranka singing and dancing to the song "Seikan Hikou" from the show. Due to copyright law, the video forgoes including the actual song and uses some stock music instead, but with a video editing program you can sync the video to the original song and they match up perfectly. I wish more JAVs offered something like this.

In all in, this is a decent cosplay video. Whilst there is much room for improvement, the inclusion of a music video is a rarity that makes this a must-have for the collection. At least, for me it does.

Score: 7/10