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CETD-299: Haruna Hana's First and Last Interracial

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DVD cover of CETD-299

CETD-299 is a 2018 Celeb no Tomo production that features Haruna Hana as its lead actress. Despite also being released under the code CESD-599, the version I'm reviewing has an additional 46 minutes of behind-the-scenes material.

The two male talents prepare to duke it out. ...Okay, they're actually just playing rock-paper-scissors.

I've been a fan of Hana since her AV debut in 2010, when I was drawn to her perhaps partly because her name reminds me of gaming idol Anno Haruna, but it is her humongous K-cup breasts that keep me coming back to her.

Hana being interviewed by the director

The video opens with an interview with Hana conducted by director Koike.jp. After some posing shots, this is followed by the introduction of the male talents Minami Yoshiya and Tony, the latter being the real standout performer of the video, known for his charismatic personality in WAAA-185, where he went by the name Michael.

Yoshiya does sit-ups as Hana provides encouragement

The video's premise is centred around the two male talents competing against each other in various challenges, most of which involve trying to get Hana to orgasm first. Among the challenges, there is a segment where they compete in doing sit-ups, with Hana wearing a PE kit (including buruma) and providing ample motivation.

Hana laughs as the two male actors eat the spicy sushi

The most entertaining part of the video is the eating competition where Hana serves her home-made inarizushi laced with wasabi, making the male actors endure the fiery burn while Hana enjoys a good laugh.

Hana eating

The behind-the-scenes material is not particularly compelling, mostly featuring Hana hanging out with her manager, signing autographs, and doing interviews. However, the footage of her eating some delicious meals is always enjoyable.

Hana eating some more

Despite the relatively low production values, this is an entertaining video that offers much more than just sex. Tony's charisma and personality elevate the video, and the food scenes are much appreciated. However, the music can be too loud at times, making it challenging to hear and understand the male performers. The video has a follow-up sequel, CESD-625, with Shouda Chisato in the lead role.

Score: 7/10