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AVOP-206: Avid Fisherman's Diary – Hatsumi Saki

DVD cover of AVOP-206

This past month, I was fortunate enough to meet former AV performer Hatsumi Saki at Cosket in Tōkyō. Although we didn't get to talk much as there was a bit of a queue, she was lovely.

Saki, Taku and others on the fishing expedition raise their fists

With an AV career spanning 2010 to 2017, out of Saki's extensive videography, the video that made the biggest impression on me is AVOP-206. This was the second in studio TMA's Avid Fisherman's Diary trilogy, as well as their AV Open 2016 entry.

Saki reels in a fish

In this video, Saki and Yoshimura Taku set off on a fishing boat from Tōkyō Bay, competing to see who can catch the most Japanese whiting.

Saki shows off a fish she caught

At first, Saki struggles a bit, but she soon gets the hang of it. Yes, fishing may not exactly be erotic, but it is certainly entertaining to watch Saki's delight when she manages to snag a catch.

Taku snogs Saki

I won't reveal here who won the competition, but Taku kills the wholesome atmosphere by snogging Saki. Well, it's a porn video so it had to get lewd at some point, right?

Saki and Taku take a bath together

Back on land, the first sex scene starts with Saki wanting to take a bath. Taku is already having a wash, but Saki is impatient so she joins him. Naturally, she ends up giving him a blowjob. That's the extent of the sex for this particular scene.

Saki and Taku look at their meal

They then proceed to cook and eat the fish they caught. Of course, I'm a big fan of eating scenes in general, but watching Saki consume a fish she herself has caught is special.

Saki bits into a grilled fish

After this comes the video's only full sex scene. This is somewhat ordinary, other than Taku licking Saki in various places, including her armpits.

Taku licks Saki's armpit

The video ends with Saki commemorating the occasion by painting her tits with ink and making an imprint on a sheet of paper which she signs. I wonder how much such an artefact would be worth.

A topless Saki shows off her boob imprint

This, along with the two other videos in this series, are rather special. I love it when JAVs offer more than just sex. In this case, the sex is really more of a bonus. The main attraction here is the fishing, and it is certainly very entertaining.

★★★★★ 5/5