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AVOP-063: Torture Triple X – Itsuki Karin, Mizuna Rei & Misaki Yui

At time of writing, the OP of the current JAV Thread on 4chan's /jp/ board features a screenshot from a certain video. I thought it an opportune moment to review said video.

DVD cover of AVOP-063

AVOP-063 was studio Dogma's entry to the AV Open 2014 contest, and was directed by the studio's head honcho, the legendary Tohjiro. I must warn you: this video is really not for the faint of heart.

Bound Karin suspended from ceiling

It starts with a shot of Itsuki Karin, Misaki Yui and my beloved Mizuna Rei stark naked, bound and gagged. Karin is actually suspended from the ceiling, her arms tied behind her back. It's a pretty good taster of what's to come.

Rei with funnel in mouth

We're introduced to the trio for a brief interview segment (whilst they're still bound) before someone shoves a funnel in Rei's mouth and a man pisses into it until she starts to choke. Yui and Karin follow suit with similar results.

Syringe sucking up water

In the next scene, the three women are bound to a rack and water is injected into their bums with a large syringe. What goes in must come out, thus resulting in some rather brown showers. In fact, it gets a bit more extreme than that, but I'll spare you the details. Needless to say, I expect most people would be totally grossed out by it.

Flexible Karin covered in candle wax

In the following scenes, the women – still bound – have hot candle wax dripped upon them. They are whipped, leaving red marks on their bodies. They are suspended from the ceiling and fucked and slapped silly.

Whipped Rei

The main video has a runtime of two hours and 17 minutes, and that's all you get if you buy the video from FANZA, where it is available in 720p. You can also buy it DRM-free from Dogma's own website, but it is only in 480p. However, you do get a bonus half-hour long video with behind the scenes content.

Rei sits on Tohjiro's lap

Tohjiro really tried to push things to an extreme with this video. And I'd say he succeeded, although I reckon few people will enjoy this flick. That said, those it caters for will love this production.

Happy girls

I've really got to admire the strength of these women to endure so much in this video, whilst being shouted at by Tohjiro. Still, at the end, despite their tears, they are smiling. Huge respect to these three happy girls.

★★★★★ 5/5