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AKB-061: Ero Camp

DVD cover of AKB-061

As you may know, I'm a big fan of TMA's cosplay parody videos. Previous productions such as Layers;Gate and Faith/stay knight are some of my all-time favourite JAVs. However – and I can only speculate as to the reasons – their more recent videos have tended to feature a lot less drama, and have been mostly just sex in costumes.

In Ero Camp, though, TMA have done a fantastic job of adapting Yuru Camp (an anime about girls going camping in the winter), and it contains just under 25 minutes of solid drama. Costumes are well-made, cinematography is decent, music is fitting, acting is far from shabby; production values are about the highest I've seen in a TMA video.

Slight niggles: the IPPA watermark in the corner isn't particularly distracting, but it's still a shame they've applied it throughout the entire video. Also, they didn't do an adaptation of the opening and endings like they did in previous parodies. But it's certainly not a dealbreaker. Goro doesn't appear in this video, which would've been nice, but I guess you can't have anything.

If you liked Yuru Camp, definitely give this a watch. Maybe give it a watch even if you didn't. And here's hoping it won't be too long a wait until TMA create their next cosplay parody that has substantial drama.

Oh yeah, the video has sex, too, which is a nice bonus. The mosaics are pretty large, but it's not like I really watch JAV for the sex anyway.