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AKB-049: Inran Kagura

DVD cover of AKB-049

AKB-0490 is a 2013 video from studio TMA's Heroine Rape series, and is a parody of video game series Senran Kagura (particularly the original Nintendo 3DS game).

Cover of the original game's soundtrack

As one of TMA's later cosplay parodies, it is fairly bare-bones and comprises of five individual scenes – one for each of the characters – with no overall narrative. Each scene starts with some brief posing and drama (which lasts no more than a couple of minutes), followed by the obligatory sex scene.

First up is Ikaruga, portrayed by Katagiri Eririka1. Ikaruga wanders through a prison when she is attacked by a masked enemy. Failing to fight off her assailant, Ikaruga is knocked unconcious, waking up to find herself tied up in one of the cells, where she is raped by her attacker.

Katagiri Eririka as Ikaruga

The second scene features Katsuragi, portrayed by Ayase Ren2. Katsuragi is attacked by the same masked enemy in the same prison. Although she also tries to fight him off, she is overpowered and raped in the cell.

Ayase Ren as Katsuragi

Next up is Hibari, portrayed by Hazuki Megu3. Although Megu puts on a great performance in this scene, the editing is extremely lazy. The posing part uses a video filter (which is applied inconsistently) that makes Hibari blend into the background. In the drama part, Hibari is chased into a locker room. However, an outtake is accidentally included so we essentially see two versions of the same sequence. There are other, more minor, continuity errors with this scene, which is a real shame. Naturally, it concludes with Hibari being raped in the locker room.

Then we have Yagyuu, portrayed by Hatsumi Saki4, whom we see enjoying a futomaki roll and ikayaki in an infirmary. The use of food is much appreciated. After the eating comes the obligatory rape.

Hatsumi Saki as Yagyuu

Last but not least is the main character – Asuka, portrayed by Makise Misa5. She is enjoying a futomaki roll in a classroom when she is attacked and raped by two foes.

Makise Misa as Asuka

There is a lot of rape in this video, and that may not be to everyone's liking. The sets are quite generic and the production quality could have been a lot better, but the costumes and performances are great. If you're a fan of Senran Kagura, I definitely recommend this video. Just don't try looking for it on R18.com, since they removed the entire Heroine Rape series, although it is available on FANZA.

Score: 7/10


0 Also released with the code HITMA-187.

1 Katagiri Eririka is also known as Tsukishima Nanako.

2 Ayase Ren is also known as Ootsuka Ren, Fukusaki Ren or Matsushima Ren.

3 Hazuki Megu is also known as Manase Rika, Sakuragi Rino or Fuyutsuki Hikaru.

4 Hatsumi Saki is also known as Shizuku.

5 Makise Misa is sometimes incorrectly spelt as Makise Risa.