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ADN-035: Female Teacher – Immoral Sex Lessons – Kanda Hikaru

DVD cover of ADN-035

ADN-035 is a 2014 video from studio Attackers, starring Kanda Hikaru (also known as Itō Eri and Natsume Akira) as a teacher named Yukiko.

Yukiko teaches her class

Yukiko is blackmailed by a PE teacher, Date (played by Tony Ōki), into becoming his sex slave. Interestingly, despite there being several other characters in this video, including Yukiko's husband and various male students (at what appears to be a boys' school), Yukiko and Date are the only ones who appear in sex scenes.

Date spies on Yukiko

The sex scenes are numerous, yet most are relatively brief. I quite liked that there was a lot of variety in these short sex scenes, especially in respect to the locations featured. Yukiko and Date have sex in the classroom, in a locker room, in a storage room, in a bathroom, in a bedroom… There's even a brief sex scene that plays as the credits roll.

Yukiko and her husband prepare to eat

Of course, my favourite scene is one in which Yukiko and her husband eat dinner. Yum! All in all, a pretty good video that showcases Hikaru's skilled acting chops.

★★★☆☆ 3/5