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AD-37: Action Video DX 37 in London [SJC 7/20]

This is a review of a video I watched as part of the Soapy JAV Challenge, in which one must watch 20 JAVs between 15th September and 15th October. This is video 7 of 20.

DVD cover of AD-37

Like W-7, which I previously reviewed, AD-37 is a 2002 video from studio TMA that was filmed in England. It documents two Japanese men's attempts to pick up and film sex scenes with local women.

An original 1967 Stock Victoria line train, pulling into Green Park Underground Station

The video starts with the duo touching down at Heathrow Airport, then taking the Piccadilly line to Green Park, then the Victoria line to Oxford Circus. They then take a taxi to their base, the Fitzrovia Hotel, which is actually just a 10 minute walk away. On the way, we catch a glimpse of a classic AEC Routemaster bus.

An AEC Routemaster bus at Oxford Circus

They unpack their suitcases, one of which is jam-packed with instant noodles. Can't leave home without them, apparently.

One of the men eats instant noodles

And then it's out to the streets, where they hit up random women and had a long chat with an American tourist at Euston. Unfortunately, none were interested in participating in "sexy modelling" until they meet one woman who initially seemed unsure but was eventually persuaded to return to the hotel room with them.

Meeting an American tourist outside Euston Rail Station

Once in the room, the woman proudly talks about her imported Mitsubishi FTO. Sex ensues, but alas they accidentally destroy one camera when it falls from being perched up high in a wardrobe. So much for Japanese technology, Sony! At the end of the scene, the woman asks the guy to cum on her tits, but perhaps due to the language barrier, the man gives her a facial instead.

Meeting a woman on the street, who agrees to do a sex scene

One sex scene isn't enough for a JAV, so it's back out onto the street for the duo as they search for their next model. Outside the British Library, they meet a woman who doesn't wish to model for them (it's a bit of a strange place to look for models anyway) but, after discussing the Tube strike that day, she does point them to places where they might be able to find models.

Meeting a woman clutching a couple of books outside the British Library

At King's Cross, they meet a woman who, like the woman outside the British Library, is carrying books. It's interesting to see how popular books were in the days before smartphones. She offers to find models for them, in return for commission. And a burger from the local McDonald's. She gives them a time to return and meet her at that evening.

The woman in McDonald's holding a burger and an ice cream

However, that evening, the duo arrive late at the meeting place and the woman from earlier is nowhere to be seen, and are forced to return by themselves to their hotel room. They find an advert for a Japanese model, but are doubtful that she is actually Japanese.

Meeting a Spanish woman, Maria, in a park

The next day, they visit a park where they find a woman who just wants to feed the ducks, and a Spanish woman named Maria who is on her break from work (unfortunately, a couple of men with leaf blowers keep interrupting their conversation). It turns out finding women to make porn with isn't so easy!

Annoying men with leaf blowers

Despite this video's focus being on London, the duo decide to do some travelling outside the capital and embark on a coach tour (the tour guide seemingly speaking some Japanese), first visiting Stonehenge, then the city of Bath.


In Bath, they (of course) visit the famous Roman baths and see the so-called "Gorgon's head". I do think it's a shame that people just call it that without batting an eyelid since there is pretty strong evidence that that's not what it actually depicts. What it represents is unclear, but I'm inclined to believe it is in fact Typhon. It also reminds me a lot of the Bocca della Verità in Rome, which seemingly inspired the Mouth of Truth from the 1996 video game, Radical Dreamers.

The so-called "Gorgon's head"

Back in London, the duo visit a pub and chat to the Swedish waitress who actually lived in Japan for six months and can speak some Japanese. They try to get her to set them up with the two women sitting at the next table. It's clearly a difficult situation for the waitress, but she handles it professionally and admirably, encouraging the men to talk to the women themselves.

The Swedish waitress, balancing a plate on the palm of her hand

Eventually, the men pluck up the courage to talk with the women, whom I must say are particularly beautiful. Somehow they manage to convince them to go back to the hotel room with them and fuck. And so they do.

At the pub, the two women who agree to do the second sex scene

Two sex scenes isn't a lot for a JAV, but it just goes to show how difficult the duo's job was. Perhaps more scenes would have been possible had they tried to use professional porn performers, but it's fascinating to watch their trials and tribulations in looking for willing participants.

Meeting a woman who wants to feed the ducks at the park

The video is very rough around the edges, but that's what makes this video so appealing. It's not trying to be a perfectly produced video. Things go wrong and that all gets documented. We rarely see such a genuine video produced nowadays, so this is a bit of a hidden treasure.

★★★★ 4/5