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300MIUM-776: Illumination Date with a Large-Breasted Rental Girlfriend

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300MIUM-776 is a 2022 video from Prestige Premium. It is shot in a gonzo-nanpa style, with the male talent Miyajima Kenta filming with a handheld camera his attempts to seduce rental girlfriends.

Miku notices the hidden camera

At a Pronto café, he first meets Miku, whose face is obscured by a mosaic. This is because she soon notices the hidden camera. Filming rental girlfriends without their permission is a big no-no, and so she walks.

Rima eats cake

On his second attempt, the guy meets Rima, who is played by Arai Rima and wears a "God Loves Ugly" hoodie. After Rima tucks into a slice of cake, they take a walk by Lake Sagami. This is followed by dinner, which for Rima is a bowl of noodles. Once the sun has set, this is then followed by a visit to the stunning Sagamiko Illumination at which they exchange some kisses. They take the opportunity to ride the rainbow chairlift and ferris wheel.

The couple, filmed from afar

The couple's next destination is a hotel room, where they get properly intimate. Rima dons Christmassy bunny lingerie. Things start off a bit slow with a sensual footjob and blowjob before the two begins to fuck.

Rima walks along the harbour

Hygiene is important. So after having sex, the two begin to wash in the bathroom. However, they can't help fucking once more. There's a nice bit where Rima's boobs are pressed up against the bathroom's glass door.

Rima eats noodles

They proceed to the bedroom where Kenta covers Rima in lotion before fucking her some more. He gives Rima a facial, then kisses her, his own cum sticking to his face. And that is where we leave the happy couple. Will this just be a one-night stand or do they have a future together? We shall never know.

At the illumination, Rima looks at a massive snowman decoration

Despite what the filmmakers may want you to believe, the set-up for this video is entirely fabricated. There's little chance that an actual rental girlfriend would agree to the things Rima did in this video. That said, I did enjoy the scenes at Lake Sagami and the Sagamiko Illumination, and of course the eating scenes, which do inhibit a certain amount of authenticity. I wanted to check out that area during my recent trip to Japan, but it was a bit too out of the way. However it was nice to experience it through this video.

The couple take a walk at the illumination

The sex scenes weren't really anything to write home about. Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of sex scenes that are just filmed in a bland hotel room. But I did like the Christmas Bunny outfit.

The couple kiss in the ferris wheel

There is one thing that really puzzles me about this video: during the outdoor scenes, there are occasionally shots of the couple filmed from afar. In fact, the camera moves around, so it wasn't the case that Kenta placed a spare camera somewhere. In which case, who is filming? Why is a third person there, stalking the couple? It certainly gives some eerie vibes.

Rima wearing her Christmas bunny bikini

This video is a bit of a mixed bag. Most of the video is not particularly impressive, but this may be worth watching just for the outdoor scenes.

★★★☆☆ 3/5