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12ID-082: Cosplay Schoolgirl Returns – Mizuki Haruka

DVD cover of 12ID-082

12ID-082, released by TMA in 2004, is about a cosplay club at a school. The students dress up as characters who were popular at that time, from Clannad's Nagisa to Fate/stay night's Saber.

A group of female cosplayers in a classroom

This is part of a series that started with 2003's BL-040. Although the DVD cover advertises multi-angle functionality (as was reasonably common in those days), this is unfortunately unavailable when purchasing the video digitally.

A group of cosplayers

Mizuki Haruka is the featured actress of this video. Starring alongside her is a fairly large cast, including Takai Nami, Hidaka Maria and Hidaka Yuria.

In a classroom, Narusawa Kenichi sneakily takes photos behind the cosplayers

To be honest, I struggled to follow the plot, but all manner of crazy antics occurred in the school between the students and teachers… and that's before we even get to the sex scenes.

An action pose

On the one hand, it's pretty cool that this video features cosplays of many popular characters, and the costumes were decent enough. However, the video otherwise did not stand out to me as a compelling piece of entertainment.

Score: 6/10

This video is also available under the product code TWD-136.